The Ark - Livingston, Guatemala

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The housing unit for orphans will provide shelter for six orphaned children and two local full time staff members. Additional local staff will be utilized for the morning and bedtime routines and mealtimes, as needed. Using the Long Way Home Hero School model, the school will equip the children with the necessary tools to become the entrepreneurs and leaders, helping to build a healthier community. A permaculture farm will produce most of the food for the children and staff, which will significantly reduce operating costs, provide income, and nutrient-rich food.

Future plans include expanding the Livingston campus with additional homes and a clinic for the children and community at-large. Livingston does not have a medical facility. The closest hospital is a 30-minute boat ride away in Puerto Barrios. We plan to use The Ark project as a blueprint to build self-sufficient orphanages in Central America and beyond to effectively address poverty among children and encourage responsible environmental stewardship.

Long Way Home’s newest Hero School - The Ark - starts construction in November 2019. The Ark is a 10-acre campus consisting of a self-sufficient orphanage, school, and small farm located in Livingston, Guatemala. Collaborating with Livingston partners, Long Way Home will design and construct the campus, using green building techniques and sustainable materials such as tires, bamboo, and recycled plastic.

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The estimated cost of the project is $25,000. This includes $5,000 to purchase five acres of land and $20,000 to build the orphaned children’s home. Five acres of land have been donated to the project. A variety of fundraising avenues will be employed including, corporate sponsorship, special events, on-line giving campaigns, sale of merchandise, and construction volunteers. Fundraising will begin in July 2019.

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